Traveling in Phuket, fun without having to go to the island

Traveling in Phuket, Hong Kong to Phuket fun without having to go to the island Although Phuket may be known as sea ​​attractions But this island has many interesting sides. Whether it’s elephant riding, parties, boat trips to the island. or explore the old quarter Phuket is full of fun, diverse styles and interesting cultures await. Always receive visitors

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island. In addition to the blue sea and smooth sandy beaches. also collects luxury hotels delicious restaurant shopping area and nightlife in one island It is a diverse island. It is not difficult to impress and fascinate tourists. Phuket Island is located in the Andaman Sea. It is about 48 kilometers long and 21 kilometers wide. The center of activity is usually on the west coast of the island. because it is the location of many famous beaches Both Patong Beach is bustling with colorful lights at night. And Kamala Beach is suitable for tourists traveling with families.

Old Phuket Town

Stroll through the charming city center and snap photos of the striking Sino-Portuguese shops and museums in this old town.Visit the charming cafes and museums that line the streets of Old Phuket Town. which is an extension of Phuket Town Walk through narrow alleys and colonial-era squares filled with shrines, temples and quirky boutiques. Experience fascinating Thai history and traditions in this old town.

Stroll in the heart of the neighborhood and take photos of the colorful buildings that date back to the colonial era. Admire the Sino-Portuguese architecture that blends European colonial design with the intricate structure and detail of Chinese buildings. See the mansion of a once tin industrialist on the island, stop for delicious Thai street food at various food stalls. The area also has a great selection of shops, bars and restaurants. Shop for souvenirs to remember your trip. Examine the beautiful frescoes decorating the walls in the heart of the historic district.

The neighborhood is also known for its beautiful shops. sale of local handicrafts and delicious dishes Visit Main Street on Sunday nights for a weekend night market tour. where you will find accessories cooking ingredients and antiques of all kinds

Explore museums such as the Phuket Baba Museum. It tells the story of the descendants of Chinese immigrants when they first arrived on the island. Visiting one of the main highlights is Phuket Philatelic Museum that provides knowledge about the postal system and the history of postage stamps Walk around and see various old tools. used in sorting and sending letters Take the family to the Phuket Trickeye Museum for a fun day out and step back in time to the 1960s through browsing the period decorations and memorabilia in the permanent museum.

Old Phuket Town is located in the southeastern corner of Phuket Island. Fly to Phuket International Airport Then drive southeast for 32 kilometers, taking about 45 minutes, stopping at interesting landmarks along the way, such as Khao Toh Sae, Khao Rang and Phuket Rajabhat University. Spend some time in Old Phuket Town to experience the island’s fascinating culture and history.